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01606 881802

Open 7 days a week 10am - 5:30pm
No booking required *except for large groups

Prices & group bookings

All bikes are regularly serviced by cytech qualified technicians

A great day out is waiting for you at Delamere Forest. We have a variety of top-spec bikes and equipment suitable for families and enthusiasts.

You will need the following to hire a bike from us - either a driving licence, passport, debit / credit card that you pay on (to be left with us as deposit).

If hiring an 'E' Bike a pre-authorised card deposit is required in addition to the above.

Please note, age restriction applies - a responsible adult must accompany anyone under 16yrs. For your safety a helmet must be worn at all times - we provide them free with every hire. If you are making a group booking please call 01606 881802.

Please also note, Children must be a minimum of 12 months of age to be able to use our child seats and buggy. This is for safety reasons.

Thank you.

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Bike hire pricelist

Bike 3 hours Day - 6 hours

Mountain bike



Kids mountain bike



Tagalong trailer bike *



Child seat *



Buggy *



Electric pedal assist bike *pre authorisation required



No additional charge

* Can only be hired and attached to one of our own bikes.

Available to hire

2018 Diamondback Ranger 1.0 £50 for 3hr Hire
Diamondback Hyrax 16
Sync 4.0
Diamondback Sync 3.0
2018 Diamondback Heist 00
Wildcat Trail wfg 3
Bobcat Trail 3
2017 Diamondback heist 1.0
Electric Pedal Assist Bikes £40 per 3hr Hire
Marin Bayview Trail Girls
Marin Hidden Canyon Girls
Marin Bobcat Trail 7.4
Marin Bobcat Trail 7.4
Marin Wildcat Trail 6.4
Marin Bayview Trail 24" Boys
Marin Hidden Canyon 20" Boys
Burley Buggy
Topeak Child Seat
Kona Hula - Kids